Thursday, May 29, 2008

This is Emma trying to sing along with Rafi's Baby Beluga. It is her new favorite CD. Then getting her milk became more important before jumping back in.

Raising Emma. Not to be confused with Raising Arizona ,although that is a great movie. I finally decided to start a blog about Emma to keep family and friends updated and so I'll remember all the things that I "swear I will never forget." I have yet to finish her baby book (she's 2 now..oops), so hopefully this will serve as a much better avenue of remembering the things she does. I'm pretty much a single mother now that I am going through a divorce but I feel so lucky to have such a "gifted" little girl to spend my days with. You might see the word gifted a lot. It is an inside joke although I do think that Emma is a smart little girl. She soaks things up like a sponge and sometimes she acts just like a little adult. Then she craps herself instead of using the potty to remind me that she is still just a baby, my baby who I would be lost without. This is just sort of a test right now. I will try to figure out how to upload pictures and videos later tonight.

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