Thursday, July 31, 2008

And to the Publix........................

So here is Emma saying the pledge. I titled it "and to the publix" because most of the time when she tries to say "and to the republic" its sounds like we are about to go shopping. heh heh. Em has a double ear infection but hopefully her meds are kicking it by now, she seemed to be feeling much better..especially after telling me she had FIVE boogers in her nose. This kid loves to count. She is off to Key Largo in the morning but she is going to ride into work with me first so yay for that and I am glad to spend every last second with her.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


That sums me up in a nutshell when it comes to my blog. We have just been so super busy. I don't even have a new picture or video to post. :( I've been meaning to get some video of Emma reciting the pledge of allegiance. One night before bed she just started spouting it off. She never ceases to amaze me. My mom and step dad were in town for most of last week. It was a crazy visit but also fun. It is hard to let your parents be there to help you even though that is all they want to do...they want to take all the hurt away. I know I will be the same when it comes to my own daughter!! We had a family get together at my house on Sat. which is always nice. I wish we were all closer. Even my brother is only an hour away and I still don't get to see him and his family as much as I'd like. As for Emma...she has been challenging lately. There have been many temper tantrums for no unforseen reason and toy throwing seems to be her new way of having fun. Minding? I'm sure she knows HOW to, just not sure why she doesn't want to. sigh. I know she is only 2 and I have to remind myself of that when I get frustrated.
We just finished our first round of swim lessons. She gets better every week, she definitely earned most improved out of her class. We have a two week break and then we will start a new round. I am determined to keep it up until she knows how to swim and as long as she is having fun with it which she is. Em's new interest and saying is "what's that sound" Everything she hears she asks me. It is too cute. She is getting ready to go on vacay with daddy for a few days and I am less than happy about that but only because I will miss her terribly and as a mommy will of course worry!! And I can't help but be a bit sad since last year at this time we were all getting ready to go on vacation as a family. :( So much can happen in a year .I just hope that next year at this time something good is happening for both Emma and myself.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ms. Independence

Ha. Emma's Uncle Jason has taught her "shake your bootie" Too funny. Well in the last week Emma has become Ms. Independence. She wants to do everything herself and it is nice but frustrating as well knowing she still needs help with things. I think we are 100% potty trained and I am so excited about that but for example...tonight she wants to go potty and not only wants to go but wants to go ALL BY HERSELF. She even shut the bathroom door so I couldn't be a part of it. HA. So I of course open it anyhow after a minute and sure enough she is going potty but then insists that she takes her potty and dumps it in the big toilet without any help. I have to give her credit that her aim is "pretty good" but needless to say I clean up pee pee when all is said and done after these moments. Regardless, we start wearing real underwear tomorrow for school and not the training underwear/plus the liner on top. We had a big talk about what a big girl she was and how this was the next big step to wear real underwear. Hopefully it sunk in. As Emma would say "YAY EMMA"

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Well it is over. Yesterday was D day and I am happy to say that I got through it with very little tears and actually had a lot of fun. A friend of mine went to court with me and after we got through that went and ran some errands and had some lunch. We then had an hour long massage that was just perfect. I came home and chilled for a few hours and then met back up with some girlfriends for dinner and it was an absolute ball. Margaritas, tequila shots, and sombreros. Fun times. Seriously, it is probably the most I have laughed since this all began. It felt great!! Until six a.m. when my alarm went off, then...not so much. :) Ouch. headache. What was I thinking? :) I am so lucky to have an amazing network of family and friends that have been so wonderful to me through all of this. And even the support of my online friends, many that I haven't even met. Your constant thoughts have not gone unnoticed so thank you!!
Scott had Emma for the last 3 days so I couldn't drive the car fast enough to pick her up today. Unfortunately she was pretty fussy all night. This often happens on her first day back so I am used to it but I hate it. She finally stopped being a "fussy Francis" around dinner and my sweet girl came back. She has spaghetti for dinner and she kept saying "mmm, this smells delicious" of course she was butchering the word delicious which made it all the more cuter.
As for me, I am looking forward to continuing to watch my baby grow and to give her all the love that I can and hope that this is the beginning of a new and great chapter for us in our lives.

Monday, July 7, 2008


I swear, Emma has the sweetest soul. I said this prayer growing up, except I said the one where I hoped to not die before I wake, so we altered a bit. I always thought that was sort of creepy. But what she is saying is "Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the lord my soul to keep, guard me jesus through the night and wake me with the morning light" Anyhow...I started saying it to her last week at bed time and she already has it memorized. She struggles on parts of it but hey...she's only 2!! And still gifted if you ask me. :) I'm really not that religious of a person as in that we go to church regulary, ok, at all but it has a lot of sentiment for me and I do still say my prayers every night.
We had our best swim lesson yet tonight. Scott actually came to it and did the lesson with her. You can really tell that she is picking up on things. She is not close to swimming on her own yet but she is doing so much better with the skills they are teaching her. I am getting ready to sign her up for another class for after this one ends.
Our 4th of July weekend was a lot of fun. We spent it up at the lake all weekend with her Grandparents and Great Aunt and Uncle. Emma no likey the fireworks though. She screamed her little head off when the first one went off. Maybe next year she will enjoy them a little more.
I am in the countdown until my divorce is final. Not that it is a happy countdown but one that will hopefully close one door and open another. My hearing is on the 14th, next Monday and then that will be that. I know it will be a hard day but I am also looking forward to getting it over with and finding some closure.
And I'm losing count of the days but I'm still not smoking and still can't believe that. yay!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Emma's new favorite word is awesome. I have no idea where she picked it up from but it cracks me up. Everything is just "awesome" She is also so into her fish, Purple, these days which is cool. On Sunday she helped me clean his bowl and she loves to feed him. She cracked me up yesterday because we fed him and then she likes to watch him eat the pellets. Purple had one left and Emma goes "Go get it boy" AHAHAH. She is too funny!!
We are doing well considering we are still having issues with our A/C. sigh. Luckily with the cooler temperatures we have been able to stay at home and not with our wonderful friends that have been so kind to help us out. I have to give myself a pat on the back as I am on day 11 of not smoking. It was so easy to quit when I was pregnant with Emma because it just was but this time has been very challenging. Especially with all of the craziness in my life. But I just look at that sweet face of hers and know that I have to be around for her for as long as I possibly can. I already feel so much better and I am determined to see it through. So yay for me. I'm going to go give myself a high five in the mirror!

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