Sunday, August 24, 2008

AHOY!!!!!!!!!! Emma loves the Backyardigan's these days and that is from one of the episodes. And as you can see the kid is fearless. She just came back from a weekend with daddy and I swear kids can change in two days. Since she left she started making this scrunchy face I have never seen before and it seems like her hair got longer. Emma has been a sweetheart lately compared to what we were going through. I'd like to think the terrible twos were already over but I'm not that dumb. :) One can hope right?

Em loves the moon these days. We can still see it in the morning when we are going to school and she likes to try and find it in the sky the whole way there. My mom always sang this song to us..."I see the moon and the moon sees me and the moon sees somebody I want to see. God bless the moon and god bless me and god bless the somebody I want to see" so I started singing it to Emma and now every day she says "Sing the moon song Mama" It is pretty sweet.

We are back at round two of swim lessons with Ms. Amy and all is going well so far. We will probably do it for at least two more months and then take a break for the Holiday's and the Winter season. They keep doing them but I just can't imagine having a swim lesson during the middle of December?? No thanks. :):)

I wish I had something new and exciting to talk about but I just wanted to update something since it had been so long.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Habla Espanol?

So in typical Emma fashion the other night she just starts spouting off one through five in Spanish. It took me a second to catch on that that was actually what she was saying but then I realized it. I of course had to try and get it on video. She sort of butchers it but that just makes it all the more endearing. We just have the same old same old going on so no need to keep rehashing it, but we are finding new techniques and ways to deal with the issues at hand. We are so thankful for all of the support we get from our friends, our online friends, and our family!! Emma...mama say's" you are way to gifted to keep acting up like this." :)
In NBR news....I really feel that personally I have turned a corner in the past few weeks, and mom re-affirmed that as well when we were talking tonight, that she thought so too. I just feel much happier these days. I have had very limited talk and or texting with Scott over the past few weeks and it has made such a difference in my outlook on things. I feel like I am ready to date again but that is not to say I have one lined up. LOL. But if something were to come along I have finally let go of "what was" enough to try and start "what could be" It is very liberating although at the same time I know that Emma is priority one and dating isn't going to be like it was when I was in my 20's, or hell even my 30's. It is almost scary to think about how thorough you have to try and know someone before you would even think of having them around your child. I know there could be exceptions to this rule of course but I think you get what I mean. I'm in no hurry so we'll just see what happens if anything. I'm honestly just thrilled that I can even type this after going down the road I have been down.
Emma is with her dad for the next two days so mama is going to treat herself to a much needed pedi tomorrow after work....I can't wait!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008


She has not by any means been a perfect angel lately as I think we know but she does the sweetest things sometimes and it is at those moments that you know why you had kids. A few ramdom things that have made me smile.
"Mom, come give me one more hug hug." I did and she says. "Thanks mom, that was sweet."
"OK Mom, you go downstairs now...I'm going NITE NITE" Who can complain about the kid that is asking you to leave so they can go to bed?? :)
"mama, I want kisses through the rails" We used to do this in her crib when she was a baby where we would kiss down the slats of the crib. Now she likes to do it at the top of the stairs through the openings in the walkway on the staircase. It gets me every time.
Emma loving the Olympics. She came down from a nap and swimming was on so she got so excited and said "I'm going to sit in the chair and watch this waters" Then they were showing the mens cycling and she got in front of the t.v. and started screaming "pedal pedal" It was too funny.
At lunch today. "I'm going to finish this lunch and then I'm taking a nap" Again, I am so blessed to have a kid that tells you when she wants to go to sleep. And the way she says it is just so endearing.
"shoo fly..I'm gonna get you buggy" For some reason we have had this huge fly problem lately so we spent the morning killing them. Fun times. Emma started to really enjoy flinging the fly swatter around. :)
GAH..I'm sure I could go on. Emma, you are an amazing, sweet, smart, funny little girl and mama loves you so much. (despite the fact that you again purposely peed on our staircase tonight while throwing a tantrum.) SMOOCHES.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tickle Monster

It was a perfect way to end a crazy evening. With lots of giggles. Because I tell you leading up to our tickle fight it was not that happy. On top of a double ear infection poor Em came down with double pink eye so I know she isn't 100% herself but good lord.So she was better by today so I took her to school. I picked her up today and her teacher told me that she had been mean and aggressive to her friends and basically was not minding very well. We had a talk about it on the way home and went about our evening. We went upstairs for a bath and all hell broke loose. On the way to the tub she picked up a sippy cup and winged it at my head..not once but twice. Then into the tub we went and had a good quick bath. Got Em out of the tub and she immediately smacked me across the face. At this point I got her dried off and told her to go right to time out. She walks across the room sits down looks at me and says"Ha. I'll pee pee on the floor" and she proceeds to do just that. She SO did this on purpose. So I scoop her back up and put her on the potty to finish and go to tend to the pee mess. I turn around to see that she has grabbed the J&J soap off the sink and is squeezing it all into her hands. I try to clean it up and she rubs it all over her body. Back into the bath we go...rinse the soapy mess...back out to get dried..another smack across my face...back to time out...more pee pee on the floor..this time with the proud delcaration of "I Pottied myself" was a crazy 45 minutes. What a mess that little bit can be. I don't know how to get her out of this hitting stage but it is driving me insane....I am definitely seeing more and more that she got mommy's temper and disposition. :) Love you Emma!!!

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