Sunday, October 5, 2008

September Happenings

Yes, here is is October 5th and I haven't even finished catching up on September yet! Lets see..on September 12th Emma finally got her first haircut. We took her to Pigtails and Crewcuts and it is the cutest little children's salon. Emma did great. When it was all said and done you could hardly tell she even had a haircut but I still thought it was cute just as well. Emma was also chosen to be the Student of the week at her school. I just love her daycare and they are so great about making the kids feel special. I will be so sad if I ever have to move her from this center even though I have thought about doing it so that we can spend more time together, even if it is in the car. For right now I'm pretty content with just leaving her. Finding a daycare that you trust implicitly can be tough so I figure I shouldn't mess with something that is working so well.
On September 22nd our good friend Kiersten welcomed a new addition to her family, 10lb 3oz precious baby girl Allison! She is an adorable bundle of joy and I could not be happier for her and for her family. Emma and I went to visit and of course Emma loved the new baby as well as hanging with her pal Elliott. It is so fun to watch our kids grow up. Emma turned 2.5 on the 25th and I still can't believe she is on her way to 3 years old!
I cannot believe it is October already, where does the time go? We are starting to get ready for Halloween and Emma seems very excited about it. I still have no idea what she is going to be this year?? I probably need to get on this little task. Emma's Grandma and Grandpa Mac, my dad and step mom, will be coming into town that day and we are having some friends over so it should be a very fun Halloween. I am looking forward to it.
Oh, and Emma has taken a liking to Football............her daddy is so proud!! Seriously, we were at a birthday party yesterday for sweet little Kate and there was football on in the other room. Out of the blue Emma says "Come on Mama, lets go watch some football" It was too funny. We had a great time at the birthday party, hat's off to you Lolo for an excellent party, and I couldn't help thinking back to when Emma turned seems so long ago.


Lori said...

She cracked me up with wanting to watch football! My mom said my paw paw keeps asking about who's blonde girl that was because she was "a cute baby."


I am SO GLAD you guys were there!!!

Karen said...

Congratulations to your little star!! :o) She is so pretty.

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