Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Not much new with us

I really haven't updated this thing because well quite frankly, our lives just aren't that exciting! I experienced a lay off from my new job over a month ago and since then have been trying to find something new and enjoying every minute that I can with Emma. She is still in school a few days a week to keep her used to her routine and to her friends and teachers but we have been having a really great time. Lucky for us it coincided with our friends maternity leave so we have had lots of play dates and have kept really busy. Thankfully I have tremendous family support from my family as well as Scott's so that coupled with the fabulous unemployment benefits that I receive are keeping us afloat. It is my goal to find something closer to where we live. Lets face it, in this housing market we are unlikely to sell anytime soon and after commuting downtown for the past 8 years it will be a welcome change. That being said, there aren't a tremendous amount of jobs out there with this economy so we'll just have to see what materializes. I'm glad Obama won the presidency! Sorry Jody! I hope that he can make some changes, it was an amazing election.

As far as Ms. Emma she is doing great, no real new milestones for her. She just continues to grow into this cool little girl. She has the most amazing memory of any little kid I've seen and loves to learn. With minimal help from me she can count to 30 and she is trying to learn the days of the week. She has most of her books memorized and we play on this reading website and she is starting so sing the phonetics song's that they use which is no surprise because she sings songs all of the time. She gets that from both mom and dad I think! I don't try and force any of this on her, she asks to do it and it is fun to watch her mind soak it all up. She has a great imagination and is very independent but at the same time she is this sweet little snuggle bug that loves to give out hugs and kisses that will melt your heart! Emma...you are also BOSSY but you crack me up because you still use manners and always say please when you are doing it. Her new favorite show is Superwhy which is what she is dancing to in the video. They have this "hip hip hooray" song at the end of the show and she likes to get down with it. It is a great cartoon by the way on PBS that also focuses on teaching reading.

People keep telling me that Emma looks more and more like me, she was a spitting image of her daddy when she was born. This turn of events of course makes me happy. :-) I am glad that I have her so much of the time, as in like 99% of the time, because she needs a good influence at such a crucial age.

I'm ready for Thanksgiving to be over, not a fan of that holiday and I'm ready to move on to Christmas. I cannot wait to see Em's reactions to it all this year. My best friend is coming from Texas tomorrow and we are going to try and get the house ready for the so that it will be magical for Emma. I can't wait.

I told you our lives were boring...peace out. :-)


Blogger Julie In Atlanta said...

LMAO!!!! She is so cute dancing to Super Why. Its too bad about your job, but I am glad I have finally gotten to meet the beautiful amazing Emma. Praying for a good job close to home for you soon...

KLS said...

Thanks for the Emma update! I hope you find a great job close to home soon!

Lee Anne

Sheena said...

1st...your life is NOT boring!
I love that video of Emma, she is just tooo adorable! I'm praying you get a job close to home and that great things come your way soon! Thanks for the update!

Donna said...

Kim. Love the update. William loves the hip hip hooray song. So sad, bec. one day I found my self singing this in my head while I was at work. Crossing my finger that you find a job close to home.

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